The FeedParser takes parses web feeds. The parser is based on ROME, which supports the following formats and version:

  • RSS 0.90
  • RSS 0.91 Netscape
  • RSS 0.91 Userland
  • RSS 0.92
  • RSS 0.93
  • RSS 0.94
  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 0.3
  • Atom 1.0

As ROME is pedantic when parsing web feeds, the parser has been enhanced with various fallback mechanisms, e.g. when parsing XML with illegal characters, or when processing date entries whose format does not conform to the respective feed standard.

Input Ports

  1. Type: Data Input table containing HttpResults or XML documents with RSS and/or Atom feed data to be parsed.

Output Ports

  1. Type: Data Output table with rows for items from each supplied feed. The item's title, content/description, publish date, and the link are output as columns in the result.

Find here

Community Nodes > Palladian

Make sure to have this extension installed:

Palladian for KNIME

Update site for KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7:
KNIME Community Contributions (3.7)

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