Evaluation tool for feature detection algorithms.

Web Documentation for FFEval

Input ports

  1. in [featureXML] Type: URI Object
    Feature input file, which contains the data to be tested against the truth file. [featureXML]
  2. truth [featureXML] Type: URI Object
    Truth feature file that defines what features should be found. [featureXML]
  3. abort_reasons [featureXML] Type: URI Object
    Feature file containing seeds with abort reasons. [featureXML,opt.]

Output ports

  1. out [featureXML,Inactive] Type: URI Object
    Feature output file. If given, an annotated input file is written. [featureXML,Inactive]
  2. out_roc [csv,Inactive] Type: URI Object
    If given, a ROC curve file is created (ROC points based on intensity threshold) [csv,Inactive]