MS/MS database search using MS-GF+.

Web Documentation for MSGFPlusAdapter

Input Ports

  1. Type: URI Object
    Input file (MS-GF+ parameter '-s') [mzML,mzXML,mgf,ms2]
  2. Type: URI Object
    Protein sequence database (FASTA file; MS-GF+ parameter '-d'). Non-existing relative filenames are looked up via 'OpenMS.ini:id_db_dir'. [FASTA]
  3. Type: URI Object
    The Java executable. Usually Java is on the system PATH. If Java is not found, use this parameter to specify the full path to Java [,opt.]

Output Ports

  1. Type: URI Object
    Output file [idXML,Inactive]
  2. Type: URI Object
    Alternative output file (MS-GF+ parameter '-o')#br#Either 'out' or 'mzid_out' are required. They can be used together. [mzid,Inactive]


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