Annotates MS/MS spectra using X! Tandem.

Web Documentation for XTandemAdapter

Input Ports

  1. Type: URI Object
    Input file containing MS2 spectra [mzML]
  2. Type: URI Object
    FASTA file or pro file. Non-existing relative file-names are looked up via'OpenMS.ini:id_db_dir' [FASTA]
  3. Type: URI Object
    Default X! Tandem configuration file. All parameters of this adapter take precedence over the file - use it for parameters not available here. A template file can be found at 'OpenMS/share/CHEMISTRY/XTandem_default_input.xml'. [xml,opt.]

Output Ports

  1. Type: URI Object
    Output file containing search results [idXML,Inactive]
  2. Type: URI Object
    Raw output file directly from X! Tandem. Either 'out' or 'xml_out' are required. They can be used together. [xml,Inactive]


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