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  1. Evaluating Classification Model Performance

    classification model model evaluation confusion matrix class prediction statistics accuracy scoring metrics interactive view javascript
    Train a classification model using the Decision Tree algorithm. Evaluate the accuracy of the class prediction by scoring metrics, ROC Curve and Lift Chart.
  2. H2O Generalized Linear Model for regression

    H2O Generalized Linear Model machine learning glm
    This example shows how to build an H2O GLM model for regression, predict new data and score the regression metrics for model evaluation.
  3. Uplift Tree Evaluator

    The evaluation of uplift models differs much from other predictive analytics approaches. This node evaluates the quality of an Uplift Model by analyzing the real uplift in given bins compared to the p…
  4. RTEvaluation

    Application that evaluates TPs (true positives), TNs, FPs, and FNs for an idXML file with predicted RTs. Web Documentation for RTEvaluation
  5. H2O scoring model performance metrics

    H2O scoring machine learning model evaluation
    This example shows how to evaluate the performance of H2O classification (binominal and multinominal) and regression models.
  6. Model Selecion via WebPortal

    guided analytics analytics WebPortal KNIME WebPortal Machine Learning Model Selection ROC Curve Lift Curve Model Evaluation
    This workflow creates a model selction on the webportal, where data analysts can choose a training and a test set between the datasets of 2006 to 2012, the target variable and the algorithms, which sh…
  7. Target Shuffling

    This node performs Target Shuffling by randomly permuting the values in one column of the input table. This will break any connection between input variables (learning columns) and response variable (…
  8. NER Tagger Model Training

    This workflows shows how to train a model for named-entity recognition. The model can be created with the StanfordNLP NE Learner node which creates a conditional random field (CRF) model. To create th…
  9. Compiled Model Predictor

    This node takes the bytecode produced by a PMML Compiler and runs it on the given data. Doing the scoring with precompiled models can be significantly faster than using the default nodes. Especially d…
  10. R Model Writer

    Writes an R model in a KNIME proprietary format to a file or to a remote location denoted by an URL. This model can later be read using the appropriate reader. Note that if the destination location is…