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This nodes takes a string column and appends the information content of the barcode string into several new columns (e.g. library code, library plate number, project code, assay, date, replicate).

The node uses a regular expression that tries to match the barcode column. Possible barcode patterns can be set at:
KNIME->Preferences->KNIME->HCS-Tools->Barcode patterns

This is an example:

Selected Barcode Pattern: (line breaks only for better visualization)
Extracted metadata columns
Barcodes from input column library plate number project code date replicate library code assay
001AL100914C-CPW1nMovn 1 AL 100914 C CPW 1nMovn
006AL100914A-CPW1nMovn 6 AL 100914 A CPW 1nMovn
001MB140502D-KBI_lowGlucose 1 MB 140502 D KBI _lowGlucose

Each wanted meta information is marked as a named group and results in a new column.

Definition pattern: (?<groupname> regular expression )

The group name will be the name of the new column, beside a few exceptions:
group name column name
libplatenumber library plate number
libcode library code
projectcode project code
concunit unit of concentration

Input ports

  1. Plate data Type: Data
    Table with barcode column

Output ports

  1. Input table with barcode metadata Type: Data
    Input table with additional columns containing the extracted barcode metadata.