The KNIME Hub offers extensive functionality

to easily search, share, and collaborate on KNIME workflows, nodes, and components with the entire KNIME community.


With KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0 you can now share workflows and components publicly with the entire KNIME community. All you need is to create an account or use your existing account and log in to the newly added My-KNIME-Hub Mountpoint from KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.

The uploaded workflows and components are subsequently publicly available to the entire KNIME community.


The search on the KNIME Hub enables you to find answers to all your KNIME related questions. The search looks for nodes, extensions, components, and workflows (among our own KNIME example workflows and components as well as workflows and components built by you: the community) and displays detailed information: e.g. where to find a specific node, links to documentation.

On Windows you can directly open the workflow by clicking the Open workflow button. This automatically downloads and opens the workflow in KNIME Analytics Platform. On other operating systems, click Download workflow to open it in KNIME Analytics Platform.

Drag & Drop

To use a node, component, or install a new extension you’ve found on the KNIME Hub, simply drag & drop them from the KNIME Hub into your running KNIME Analytics Platform.

Workflow Metadata Editor

Each workflow in KNIME Analytics Platform comes with some metadata attached to it, which is also displayed and used for searching on the KNIME Hub. Workflow metadata not only helps documenting your workflows but also makes it easy for others to quickly find and understand them. You can now more easily edit this metadata with the Workflow Metadata Editor view in KNIME Analytics Platform, which you can see in the Description view of KNIME Analytics Platform after you have selected a workflow in the KNIME Explorer.

KNIME Hub Search Bar in KNIME Analytics Platform

We have integrated the KNIME Hub Search into KNIME Analytics Platform. Just enter your search query and hit enter. This opens a browser window and displays the search results. By default, the search bar is displayed underneath the Node Description view. Otherwise, open the KNIME Hub view by selecting it from the View drop down menu at the top.