NodeDose Response (R)


Calculates and visualizes dose response curves. This is achieved by fitting several non-linear regression models to your data.
Measurements are grouped per Compound and Concentration (see Options).
Measurements from a zero concentration are used to calculate the fit but are not displayed in the plot because of its logarithmic scale.
For a conceptual and technical overview have a look at "Bioassay Analysis using R", Ritz and Streibig, 2005, 5:12, Journal of Statistical Software.

This node is using R as back end, make sure that Rserve is running somewhere, and KNIME is accordingly configured (KNIME->Preferences). HCS-Tools Wiki

Input ports

  1. dose response data Type: Data
    A table with dose response data

Output ports

  1. parameter table Type: Data
    A table which contains ic50s, model parameters, and error estimates
  2. dose response plot Type: Image
    The generated dose response curve plotted as PNG-image
  3. model Type: de.mpicbg.knime.scripting.r.port.RPortType2
    An R list with all dose response models for further analysis