NodeFix Column Names


Renames automatically column headers to obtain valid column names for an R data-frame. By default this is done by replacing certain operator symbols if they are the first character in the column name.

Operator symbols that are replaced (using KNIME): "+" is replace by "Plus",
"-" is replace by "Minus",
"*" is replace by "Times",
"%" is replace by "Percent",
":" is replace by "DivBy",
"/" is replace by "DivBy".

Alternatively the R can be used to generate R-compatible column names. Then the Rserve needs to be running and R uses the funtion "make.names". For a description look here: R manual (make.names)
If this option is checked then this node is using R as backend, make sure that Rserve is running somewhere, and Knime is accordingly configured (Knime->Preferences). Scripting integration Wiki (R server)

Input ports

  1. Data tabel Type: Data
    A table which might contains column names that are not compatible with R.

Output ports

  1. Data table with R-compatible column headers Type: Data
    A table with R-compatible column names.