NodeFingerprint SUBSET


This node performs a logic SUBSET operation on a selected binary (bitvector) or count (bytevector) fingerprint column.

The start value is inclusive, i.e. the value is the first bit or byte included in the subset (0-indexed). The end value is the first bit or byte to be excluded. Use '-1' to retrieve to the end of the fingerprint.

If the start index is beyond the end of the fingerprint, a zero-length fingerprint is returned


Fingerprint '01100110'

Start = 3, End = -1 returns '00110'

Start = 0, End = 3 returns '011'

NB Binary fingerprints are rendered in bigendian format, and so index 0 is the right-most displayed bit, whilst for count fingerprints the counts are in increasing order of index

This node was developed by Vernalis Research. For feedback and more information, please contact

Input ports

  1. Fingerprints Type: Data
    Input table containing two fingerprint columns of the same type. Acceptable fingerprint formats are SparseBitVector, DenseBitVector, SparseByteVector, DenseByteVector.

Output ports

  1. Subset Fingerprints Type: Data
    Output table with subset fingerprints