NodeEuropean PubMed Central Advanced Search


This node re-creates the advanced query interface of European-PubMed Central. The options shown in the query dialog replicate those found on that page. For detailed help see the advanced query page and also the help page

The node uses the RESTful query webservice, documented at . In addition to the query options, a 'Test' button is provided which shows the number of hits and the query as interpreted by the webservice.

The node returns a single column of query results as XML cells - one row per result. The result fields can be accessed using the KNIME XML XPath node. A full list of fields is provided in the SOAP webservices guide

The Flow Variable port gives the query type (idlist, lite, core), hit count, page count, query string, query as parsed by European PubMed Central, and the URL of the first query page. At present, the flow variable output is not available if the node is run in streaming mode.

This node was developed by Vernalis , who have no connection with European PubMed. Problems with the data should be reported directly to European PubMed Central. Vernalis accepts no responsibility for third party data. For further help with the node, contact

Output Ports

  1. Port Type: Data
    Single XML column of query results
  2. Port Type: Flowvariable
    Flow variable port has a number of parameters relating to the query added