NodeDatabase Table Creator (legacy)


This node is part of the legacy database framework. For more information on how to migrate to the new database framework see the migration section of the database documentation.

This node allows a user to create a new database table either manually or based on the data table spec of an input data table (see "Use dynamic settings" below). The node supports advanced options such as null or not null, primary key or unique keys, default SQL type mapping based on column name or KNIME data type, and default key definitions based on column names.

Tick the "Use dynamic settings" option to enable the dynamic settings behavior. Once enable it allows to dynamically define the SQL type of the columns as well as the assignment of columns to primary or unique keys. All dynamic settings which are made via the Dynamic Type Settings and Dynamic Column Settings tab are applied to the data table specification of the input data table. The mappings defined in the Name-Based SQL Type Mapping have a higher priority than the mappings defined in the KNIME-Based SQL Type Mapping. If no mapping is defined in both Name-Based SQL Type mapping and KNIME-Based SQL Type Mapping, then the default mapping is used. While in dynamic settings mode the "Columns" and "Keys" tab become read-only to allow you a preview of the dynamic settings.

Input Ports

  1. Port Type: Database Connection
    A database connection to connect to the database.
  2. Port Type: Data
    An optional data table whose data table spec should be used to create the new database table.

Output Ports

  1. Port Type: Database Connection
    The input database connection including flow variables with the schema and table name of the new created database table