NodeExtract Context Properties


Reads workflow context related properties, including workflow name and the logged in user. The fields are extracted using the KNIME workflow context.
The properties are:

  • The name of the workflow.
  • context.workflow.path The mount-point-relative path to the workflow.
  • context.workflow.absolute-path The absolute path in the filesystem to the workflow.
  • context.workflow.user The authenticated user if executed on KNIME server, the system user otherwise.
  • context.workflow.temp.location The location for temporary files of the workflow job.
  • Name of the workflow author (creator).
  • Name of the person who edited the workflow last (on last save).
  • Date when the workflow was saved the first time.
  • context.workflow.last.time.modified Date when workflow was saved last.
More properties may be added in the future.

Output ports

  1. Context Properties Type: Flowvariable
    Context properties as flow variables.