NodeFile Reader


This node can be used to read data from an ASCII file or URL location. It can be configured to read various formats.
When you open the node's configuration dialog and provide a filename, it tries to guess the reader's settings by analyzing the content of the file. Check the results of these settings in the preview table. If the data shown is not correct or an error is reported, you can adjust the settings manually (see below).

The file analysis runs in the background and can be cut short by clicking the "Quick scan", which shows if the analysis takes longer. In this case the file is not analyzed completely, but only the first fifty lines are taken into account. It could happen then, that the preview appears looking fine, but the execution of the File Reader fails, when it reads the lines it didn't analyze. Thus it is recommended you check the settings, when you cut an analysis short.

Output ports

  1. File Table Type: Data
    Datatable just read from the file