NodeBackward Feature Elimination Filter (deprecated)


This node takes a model built with a feature elimination loop and lets you choose the column you want to include in the output table. The dialog will show you all computed levels of the feature elimination together with the error rates. You may then either select one level ("manual selection") or you specify an error threshold and then the level with the fewest features that has a prediction error below the threshold is automatically selected. In any case all columns from the input table that are not present in the selected level are filtered from the input table.
You may optionally include the target column. Note that the column names must be the same as the ones used for the elimination loop. If they are not, rename them first.

Input ports

  1. Elimination model Type: Feature Elimination
    A backward feature elimination model
  2. Any datatable Type: Data
    Any datatable that should contain the same columns as used in the elimination loop

Output ports

  1. Filtered table Type: Data
    The input table with some columns filtered out