NodeCell Splitter (deprecated)


This node uses a user-specified delimiter character to split the content of a selected column into parts. It appends either a fixed number of columns to the input table, each carrying one part of the original column, or a single column containing a collection (list or set) of cells with the split output. It can be specified whether the output consists of one or more columns, only one column containing list cells, or only one column containing set cells in which duplicates are removed.
If the column contains more delimiters than needed (leading to more parts than appended columns are available) the additional delimiters are ignored (resulting in the last column containing the unsplit rest of the column).
If the selected column contains too few delimiters (leading to less parts than expected), empty columns will be created in that row.
Based on the delimiters and the resulting parts the collection cells can have different sizes. The content of the new columns will be trimmed if specified (i.e. leading and trailing spaces will be deleted).

Input ports

  1. Input Table Type: Data
    Input data table with column containing the cells to split

Output ports

  1. Output Table Type: Data
    Output data table with additional columns.