String Manipulation (Variable)


Manipulates or defines values of variables like search and replace, capitalize or remove leading and trailing white spaces.


To remove leading and trailing blanks from a variable with name c0 you would use the expression:

If you have your customer names in flow variable names with titles Mr and Mister and you want to normalize the data so that only Mr is used you could use the expression:
replace($${Snames}$$, "Mister", "Mr")
or you could combine it to
replace(replace($${Snames}$$, "Mister", "Mr"), "Miss", "Ms")

Or if you want to have the number of characters of the strings in a variable with name text :

Note that strings which are part of the expression and are not from the input data (or the result of another wrapped function call) need to be enclosed in double quotes ('"'). Additionally, if the string contains a quote character, it must be escaped using a backslash character ('\"'). Finally, other special characters such as single quotes and backslashes need to be escaped using a backslash. For instance, a single backslash in a string is written as two consecutive backslash characters; the first one acts as the escape character for the second.

Input Ports

  1. Type: Flowvariable
    Input variables (optional).

Output Ports

  1. Type: Flowvariable
    Input variables with an additional calculated variable or one variable replaced.


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