CASE Switch Variable (End)


This nodes takes the flow variables from the active input. If all branches are inactive the flow variables of the top branch are passed through.

NOTE - Due to the way in which flow variables are handled within KNIME, the flow variable values for any existing flow variables beyond the corresponding "end" node will always be those at the top-most port of the "end" node. New variables created in any active branch will retain their correct values. If you need to change the value of existing variables, please either use a new flow variable, or use a Variable to Table Row node before a conventional End CASE node.

Input Ports

  1. Type: Flowvariable
    The first Flow Variable input port.
  2. Type: Flowvariable
    The second optional Flow Variable input port.
  3. Type: Flowvariable
    The third optional Flow Variable input port.

Output Ports

  1. Type: Flowvariable
    Flow Variable output port.


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