Create Big Data Test Environment


Creates a fully functional big data environment for testing purposes, including Apache Hive, Apache Spark and a remote file system. This node has no own configuration, instead it will read its configuration from a file called flowvariables.csv from the root of the KNIME workspace. This file is expected two provide keys and values. These can be used to control what this node does.

NoteThis node only creates a new Spark context upon its first execution after KNIME has started, or after the context has been destroyed. The Spark context created by during its first execution is meant to be shared between KNIME testflows.

Output Ports

  1. Type: Database Connection
    JDBC connection to a Hive instance. This port can be connected to the KNIME database nodes.
  2. Type: Remote Connection
    Remote file system connection that can be used with the Spark nodes that read/write files.
  3. Type: Spark Context
    Spark context, that can be connected to all Spark nodes.


This node is part of the extension

KNIME Testing feature for big data extensions


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