NodeXLS Writer (deprecated)


This node writes the input data table into a spreadsheet of a workbook. The files can be read then with other applications like Microsoft Excel, for example.

The node supports two formats, which one is used is derived from the file ending.

  • If the file name ends with 'xls' (e.g. filename.xls) it will use the old Excel file format, which was used as default up until Excel 2003. The maximum number of columns held by a spreadsheet of this format is 256 (all additional columns in the data table are truncated). If the input data table has more than 65536 rows it is split into multiple spreadsheets (all stored in the created workbook).
  • If the file name ends with 'xlsx' (e.g. filename.xlsx) it will use the Office Open XML format, which is the default format starting with Excel 2007.

Note that if the destination location is a remote URL not all options are available because in general it's not possible to determine whether the remote location exists. In this case it will always be overwritten.

Input Ports

  1. Port Type: Data
    The data table to write out.