NodeExcel Sheet Appender (XLS)


This node writes the input data table into a spreadsheet and appends it to an existing workbook. If no workbook is present, a new one will be created. The files can then be read with other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The node supports three formats chosen by file extension:

  • .xls format: This is the file format which was used by default up until Excel 2003. The maximum number of columns held by a spreadsheet of this format is 256 (all additional columns in the data table are truncated). If the input data table has more than 65536 rows, it is split into multiple spreadsheets (all stored in the created workbook).
  • .xlsx format: The Office Open XML format is the file format used by default from Excel 2007 onwards.
  • .xlsm format: This node can append data to macro-enabled workbooks, however, new workbooks cannot be created this way.

Specifying a remote URL as the destination location will force the node to overwrite this file as it is not possible to determine whether this location already exists. If no extension is specified, the file will be written in the .xlsx format.

Input ports

  1. Input table Type: Data
    The data table to write out.