NodeRun R Model in Microsoft SQL Server (legacy)


This node is part of the legacy database framework. For more information on how to migrate to the new database framework see the migration section of the database documentation.

This node allows running R code on a Microsoft SQL Server (using a SQL query behind the scenes). Input and output data to the R script are SQL tables. In addition the knime.model (cannot be NULL, or will not be transfered to R otherwise) and variables from a R port can be used in the R script. To output data from the R script to the output SQL table, assign a R data.frame to knime.out.

JDBC driver

This node requires the Microsoft JDBC driver to be used in the Microsoft SQL Server connector. You can install the driver extension from the KNIME Update Site (KNIME Microsoft JDBC Driver For SQL Server (legacy)).

Input Ports

  1. Port Type: PortObject
    R Workspace which contains the model. (optional)
  2. Port Type: Database Query
    Connection to a Microsoft SQL Database.

Output Ports

  1. Port Type: Database Query
    Output Database Connection.