NodeCall Local Workflow (Row Based)


This node can be used to call other workflows in in your local workspace. Input data can be passed to Quickform Input nodes (only the new input nodes, e.g Container Input (JSON)) in the other workflow and results can likewise be read back as a JSON value from JSON Output nodes(e.g Container Output (JSON)). The input can either be a static JSON values provided via the dialog (which itself can be overridden by a flow variable) or from a JSON column in the input table. The node will call the other workflow with every row of the input table and append the results of the call to it.
Note that the workflow you are calling must not be opened in an editor in your workbench and that the workflow can not be executed in parallel. This means that multiple Call Local Workflow nodes using the same called workflow will execute sequentially.

Input ports

  1. Input Type: Data
    Any input, possibly with JSON column.

Output ports

  1. Output Type: Data
    Output of workflow call