Database Looping


This node runs SQL queries in the connected database restricted by the possible values given by the input table. It establishes and opens a database access connection from which to read data and restricts each SQL query so that only rows that match the possible values from the input table are retrieved.
The place holder in brackets for table name and table column must be replaced, while the possible value place holder enclosed in hashes must not be edit and will be resolved during execution.

If the optional input is connected the database connection information is taken from the port, otherwise you need to specify the connection information in the dialog.

Make sure you have your vendor-specific database driver registered in the KNIME preference page (section Database Driver). By default, the sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver (Windows and Linux) is only available.

Input Ports

  1. Type: Data Data column with possible values used to constrain the database SQL query
  2. Type: Database Connection An optional database connection that should be used instead of providing the connection information in the dialog. (optional)

Output Ports

  1. Type: Data Table with data read from the database

Find here

Database > Read/Write

Make sure to have this extension installed: