Shows basic information about the file, such as data ranges and file type.

Web Documentation for FileInfo

Input Ports

  1. Type: URI Object input file [mzData,mzXML,mzML,dta,dta2d,mgf,featureXML,consensusXML,idXML,pepXML,fid,mzid,trafoXML,fasta]

Output Ports

  1. Type: URI Object Optional output file. If left out, the output is written to the command line. [txt,Inactive]
  2. Type: URI Object Second optional output file. Tab separated flat text file. [csv,Inactive]

Find here

Community Nodes > OpenMS > File Handling

Make sure to have this extension installed:


Update site for KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7:
KNIME Community Contributions (3.7)

How to install extensions