Util which can be used to evaluate labeled pair ratios on MRM features.

Web Documentation for MRMPairFinder

Input Ports

  1. Type: URI Object Input featureXML file containing the features of the MRM experiment spectra. [featureXML]
  2. Type: URI Object Pair-file in the format: prec-m/z-light prec-m/z-heavy frag-m/z-light frag-m/z-heavy rt [csv]

Output Ports

  1. Type: URI Object Output consensusXML file were the pairs of the features will be written to. [consensusXML]
  2. Type: URI Object Output featureXML file, only written if given, skipped otherwise. [featureXML,Inactive]

Find here

Community Nodes > OpenMS > Utilities

Make sure to have this extension installed:


Update site for KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7:
KNIME Community Contributions (3.7)

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