NodeCreate Property


This node provides "create property" connectivity to OCHEM.

OCHEm already contains a set of properties for all kinds of biological endpoints and physicochemical activities. It is a rare case when you would need to create a new property. Furthermore, most often you create a property online, which is the most convenient option.
However, in some cases, you would need an automated way to create numerous properties.
Using a KNIME node is a suitable tool for such cases.

Input ports

  1. Session GUID Type: Flowvariable
    Input flow variable port for optional login information from Login node. (optional)
  2. PropertyData Type: Data
    Contains the data about the created property (name, type, description, etc.)

Output ports

  1. PropertyCreationResults Type: Data
    Contains the results of property creation operations (id of the created properties, error messages, etc).