Node3D D-Moments


This node implements a fast descriptor based 3D similarity measure described by Ballester et al ([Bellester, P.J. and Richards, W.G. , Ultrafast shape recognition to search compound databases for similar molecular shapes, Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2007, 28:1711-1723]). The approach calculates the distances of each atom to four specific points: the centroid of the molecule, the atom that is closest to the centroid, the atom that is farthest from the centroid and the atom that is farthest from the previous atom. Thus we get 4 sets of distance distributions. The final descriptor set is generated by evaluating the first three moments of each distance distribution.

Input ports

  1. Molecule input Type: Data
    Table containing molecular structures.

Output ports

  1. Input with calculated properties Type: Data
    As input but with additional columns for the 12 descriptors.