NodeColumn Merger


Merges two columns into one by choosing the cell that is non-missing. The configuration dialog allows you to choose a primary and a secondary column. The output of the node will be a new column (or a replacement of the selected input columns), whereby the output value for each row will be

  • the value in the primary column if it is not missing,
  • the value in the secondary column otherwise.

Note that the output value might be missing if and only if the secondary column contains a missing value. Also note that the type of the output column is a super type of both selected inputs, i.e. if you choose to merge a number and a string column, the output column will have a very general data type.

Input ports

  1. Input Type: Data
    Input with two columns to merge.

Output ports

  1. Input with amended column Type: Data
    Input along with the merged column.