NodeCAIM Binner


This node implements the CAIM binning (discretization) algorithm according to Kurgan and Cios (2004) URL: The binning (discretization) is performed with respect to a selected class column. CAIM creates all possible binning boundaries and chooses those that minimize the class interdependancy measure. To reduce the runtime, this implementation creates only those boundaries where the value and the class changes. The algorithm finds a minimum number of bins (guided by the number of possible class values) and labels them "Interval_X". Only columns compatible with double values are binned and the column's type of the output table is changed to "String".

Input ports

  1. Input Data Type: Data
    The data table to bin (discretize).

Output ports

  1. Binned Data Type: Data
    The binned data table.
  2. Binning Model Type: CAIM
    The model representing the binning. Contains the intervals for each bin of each column.