NodeAmazon Comprehend (Key Phrases)


This node discovers key phrases within text by utilizing the Amazon Comprehend service. Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to discover insights from text. The Comprehend service returns the key phrases or talking points and a confidence score to support that this is a key phrase. A key phrase consists of a noun and modifiers that distinguish the noun phrase (e.g. "a beautiful day").
The new data table contains a new row for every discovered key phrase as well as a score column which indicates the level of confidence that the text is a key phrase. Additionally, there are columns that define the start and end offsets of the key phrase within the input text. The offsets can be used to extract a key phrase from the original text

For more information about AWS Comprehend can be found on this website.

Input Ports

  1. Port Type: AWS Comprehend Connection
    The AWS connection information.
  2. Port Type: Data
    The input table containing the text on which to apply key phrase detection.

Output Ports

  1. Port Type: Data
    An output table containing one key phrase per row, as well as a score and the key phrase's offsets within the input text.