DL Python Network Learner


This node allows custom training and fine-tuning/transfer learning of a (Python compatible) deep learning network in a local Python installation via a user-defined script. The path to the Python executable has to be configured in Preferences → KNIME → Python. It also allows to import Jupyter notebooks as Python modules via the knime_jupyter module that is part of the Python workspace.

Input Ports

  1. Type: DLPythonNetworkPortObject
    The deep learning network. Referred to as input_network in the Python script. Can be any deep learning network which can be used in Python.
  2. Type: Data
    The input table. Referred to as input_table in the Python script, where it is a pandas.DataFrame.

Output Ports

  1. Type: DLPythonNetworkPortObject
    The trained output deep learning network. This is the content of the variable output_network which has to be defined in the script and has to be a deep learning network known to KNIME. The network can then be used in common "DL Python" nodes or in nodes which are specific to the network type.


This node is part of the extension

KNIME Deep Learning - Keras Integration


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