NodeRule Viewer (local)


This node visualizes a set of rules that are represented as a table as it is the case with the Association Rule Learner. The items used to form the antecedent and consequent of the rule are considered boolean attributes (with the value 'present' if they occur in the rule). For every rule a circular icon in drawn. The outer border is subdivided into as many segments as there are items occurring in all the rules of the rule set. If the item is present in the antecedent, the corresponding segment is colored in green. The interior consists of a pie chart encoding the confidence of the rule. The color of the pie segment encodes the item of the rule consequent which may be determined by a Color Handler node. The x- and y-locations of a rule icon are determined by the recall and lift, respectively while the support is represented by the area of the icon.


Right-clicking a rule shows a popup menu which allows for hilighting options.


Move the mouse over the rule icons to get the exact values for the confidence, support and lift as well as the represented rule if plain text.

Input Ports

  1. Port Type: Data
    Datatable containing association rules