NodeGeneric Web Service Client


Invokes a generic document-style web service given its WSDL location. In the dialog you first have to enter the URL to the webservice's description file (WSDL file). Then you have to choose a service (usually there is only one available), a port (or binding) and an operation. The two tables at the bottom will then display the webservice's input parameters and the output values it produces.
Each of the input parameters must be mapped to either a column from the input table, which you can choose in the rightmost column of the table (just click into it to get an editor to choose a column), or a constant value, which you can enter in the second-rightmost column after having activated the checkbox for constant values.
In the bottom table you may decide which output values you want to include in the output table. For each desired output parameter, activate the "Include" check box and enter the respective output column name. The "All in List" field will contain check boxes if the output parameter represents a collection (see below)
Please note, that this node does currently not support optional input parameters. Also web services that need authentication are not accessible.

Input ports

  1. Input table Type: Data
    Input table, containing parameters for the web service

Output ports

  1. Output table Type: Data
    The input table with additional columns holding the results from the web service.