Scatter Plot


A scatter plot using a JavaScript based charting library. The view can be accessed either via the "interactive view" action on the executed node or in KNIME Server web portal page.

The configuration of the node lets you choose the size of a sample to display and to enable certain controls, which are then available in the view. This includes the ability to choose different columns for x and y or the possibility to set a title. Enabling or disabling these controls via the configuration dialog might not seem useful at first glance but has benefits when used in a web portal/wizard execution where the end user has no access to the workflow itself.

Since missing values as well as NaN (not a number) or infinite values cannot be displayed in the view, they will be omitted with a corresponding warning message.

Additionally a static SVG image can be rendered, which is then made available at the first output port.

Note, this node is currently under development. Future versions of the node might have more or changed functionality.

Input Ports

  1. Type: Data
    Data table with data to display.

Output Ports

  1. Type: Image
    SVG image rendered by the JavaScript implementation of the scatter plot.
  2. Type: Data
    Data table containing the input data appended with a column, that represents the selection made in the scatter plot view.


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