NodeFeature Inserter


Inserts features from a data table into the network. The object to attach the feature to is detected by the available ids per feature.

  1. No id -> feature is attached to the graph
  2. Node id -> feature is attached to node
  3. Edge id -> feature is attached to edge
  4. Edge and node id -> feature is attached to the end specified by the node and edge id

Special features are:

  1. label (string): Node/edge feature that specifies the label. The label is used for the name of an object.
  2. is_target (boolean): End feature that specifies the target node of an directed edge.
  3. relevance (float): Node/edge feature that specifies the relevance of the object [0-1]. Used in the filter nodes to filter objects by setting the relevance feature to 0 and filtering all objects for this feature.
  4. weight (float): Edge/end feature that specifies the weight of an edge or node edge pair.
Features should not start with the prefix "knime_" since this is reserved and used for KNIME internal features such as the unique network id.

The input table is optional. A single graph feature can be added without an input table by providing the feature name, type and value in the node dialog.

An example table that inserts values for nodes, edges and end objects and that has a column per id, attribute name, type and value would look as follows:
NodeId EdgeId Feature name Feature type Feature value
node1 ? label string node1Label1
node1 ? nodeFeature1 float 0.1234567
node1 ? nodeFeature2 integer 123456
? edge1 label string edge1Label
node1 edge1 weight float 0.5
node1 edge1 endFeature1 boolean true
node1 edge1 endFeature2 uri
In order to use this table select appropriate columns for the node and edge id, the feature name, type and value.

An example table that contains only one value per object would look as follows:
NodeId Value
node1 0.1
node2 0.2
node3 0.3
In order to add these values to the nodes select the node id and value column and enter the name of the feature in the attribute

Input ports

  1. Existing network Type: Network
    Existing network
  2. Optional feature table Type: Data
    Optional data table with the features

Output ports

  1. Updated network Type: Network
    Updated network